ATICHYPHOBIA: The Fear Of Failure Phobia (Symptoms & Treatment)

Normal and rather healthy fear of failure in real life situations like relationships, examinations, work projects are present in most people but however, in an intense form, this fear of failure is known as Atichyphobia.

Other forms of atichyphobia is kakorrahaphobia or kakorraphiophobia which also entails the fear of rejection. Most atichyphobic individuals fear failure due to the lack of confidence in their abilities and the ridicule they might face subsequent to failure. Atichyphobic individuals also have the tendency to set unrealistic goals and superfluity in their standards of behaviour, and this is usually accompanied with the fear of risk.

Causes of fear of failure phobia:

The causes of atichyphobia are often minor failures in early life which were ridiculed or which caused embarrassment to the individual. Strict and overbearing or demeaning parenting, as well as, debasing friends and siblings can also be the cause of atichyphobia.
The fear of failure matures as the sufferer grows with age and is usually mixed with negative thoughts which dampen the drive to take up other life quests.
Our culture and social expectations with regards to sex, looks, relationships, work, also contributes to the fear of failure as a certain norm of failure and success has been predetermined in general life issues.
Common to atichyphobic individuals is the ability to forfeit trying a particular venture unless prior perfection has been attested to.

Symptoms of atichyphobia:

Atichyphobic patients do not realise that perfection is an illusion in their thrive to attain perfection, hence, they go to great lengths and sometimes even avoid relationships, education, jobs projects that are unlikely to have a clear

Atichyphobia - The Fear Of Failure - fearorphobia
fear of failure

predictable result. This tendency of atychiphobics leads to tremendous effects on the quality of their lives.
Sometimes atichyphobia sufferers experience devastations in their lives, as they loose jobs, relationships and friends in a bid to avoid the “subsequent” failure.
It also leads to demotions at workplaces, divorce, negative recommendations and unemployment as the victim tells conspicuous lies and gives unnecessary excuses to escape failure at the end of the day.
Other symptoms of atichyphobia which maybe be physical include; headaches, panic attacks, hyper breathing and sweating, anxiety attacks, twitching, gastro intestinal distress, trembling and irritability, etc.
Often times, atichyphobic individuals are known to worry more about the probability of failure than the present work at hand, this can lead to sleepless nights, tension headaches, muscle pains, etc.

Treatment of atichyphobia:

The treatment for fear of failure is mainly counselling and group therapy because chemical drugs only aid in concealing the symptoms on a short term basis and merely the problem at hand from its origin, although drug therapy can be resorted to as a last line of treatment in extreme cases.
Talk therapy, a leading form of treatment, is undergone in the care of a specialist to enable the patient open up about their fears and worries and effective solutions that will help in tackling the tension felt at the onset of a project.
A rather pressing form of treatment is the division of tasks or projects into bits in tandem, so that each gradual piece is manageable and less overwhelming. Qualified experts also suggests self motivation and self appreciation as an utmost form of treatment.
This can help patients come to terms with the fact that failure is nothing but a crucial step in the growing process rather than the end of life.

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